Welcome to Sterling Grapes and Grains!

Hi everyone! We’re excited to mark the opening of our website and another avenue in which to serve the community of Park Slope.

We’ll be using this website to communicate upcoming and featured products that come through our doors (that we love) and are eager to show off to you.

We also have some great things planned including blog posts and video reviews where we tell you our impressions of interesting wines and spirits, a calendar of our in-store tastings, a rewards program that rewards you for shopping with us, and a subscription service that ensures that you keep expanding your wine horizons. Keep up with the latest trends in wine and spirits with us.

Above all that, know that we’re still committed to providing you with the same knowledge, friendliness, and courtesy that you’ve come to expect from Sterling over the past 25 years.


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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